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Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre


Our society’s objective, call and mission is to serve the less privileged, individuals, families and communities and eradicate famine, poverty and lack and help to train people to self sustain through suitable projects. Our Christian compassion and love is extended to “all people”; irrespective of one’s creed, colour and community attachments. Bethel is an Educational And Social Service Organization serving the people since the year 1992. We are dependent totally on the generous donations and contributions of Individual; just like you and they are not regular some times.

FUNDS IS THE BACK BONE OF ANY ORGANIZATION to successfully serve people. We are here to appeal to everyone to help and support Bethel’s endeavors and bless the poor and needy people in these stressing times in world’s history. 



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Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre......

Bethel is a , National , Non-Governmental Organization Non-Profit Charity in existence for the last 34 years, fully dedicated to serve the poorest of the poor and less privileged in communities and develop in them the art of "Self Sustenance". As a registered, tax-exempted, registered in DARPAN -PORTAL , and as a FCRA - licensed national NGO (Charity) , our only one goal is to serve and bless people and help them to come out of poverty. This we achieve by the help and grace of the Almighty God and by the generous donation and free will offerings of individuals like you!

Bethel's Financial Polices:- We are totally dependent on the LORD, for all our ministry needs. We are prayer Oriented and dependent on the unchanging and unfailing promises of the living God of the Bible. This website is a means to tell you that we exist on this earth for the glory of God and to bless people to come out of poverty, sickness, and lack. We accept donations ONLY from people who are law abiding citizens. The donor must be willing to provide all legal information about them as it is mandatory for us to provide it to the Government of India. Every single donation will be issued an official receipt.

What do we do? We are a "Social Service and Educational" Society. In the light of this we have various projects explained in relevant pages. Click to know them. We serve all people; irrespective of one's colour, creed and community attachments.

And so, as the Director of this Charity and as the Servant of the Living God, I appeal to you to kindly pray for us and if the LORD would lead you to support us, please contact me at;- [email protected] I will furnish full details you may ask for.

Rev. T. Arvind Mohan Dass,


Covid-19 (or) Corona

Has hit the nations very badly and all of us are aware of the merciless killing of millions around the world. Some of u have lost our loved ones and know how serious the loss, pain and grief it has brought to us. Well known pastors, evangelists, political leaders and poor common men and women were victims of this pandemic. 

And now the 2nd wave of Corona has hit INDIA,

very badly and there are deaths again every day! In spite of warnings issued by government agencies our people do not "wear masks" or "Keep Social Distancing" or "go out unnecessarily" or wash their hands and live safely. Lock downs, have not taught our communities enough lessons. Economy came down. Companies and businesses faced great loss. Vaccination is going on now and leading countries are providing vaccines and Oxygen to India and the Indian Government is doing all they can to save people dying. LET US PRAY FOR INDIA that we as God's people learn to bend our knees to the "Sovereign LORD AND GOD" , humble ourselves and eschew evil from us.

We as a Charity Organization have been distributing, food supplies, dress and warm blankets to people who are aged, "none to Help ones" , and the poor of the poorest in communities. We provide Rs.5,000 worth food supplies to ONE FAMILY.

We will be extremely grateful, if you could be generous to donate in cash or in kind to our charity and enable us to continue to help and support people in these devastating times. Our Bank Details are given on the right side of this page. Donate liberally!

Donors  from Foreign countries Can Donate Directly to Bethel's Bank Account,  Using the Details Below. 

Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre

Account Number. FCRA - Current Account No : 40239612426

Branch Code---------------: 00691​

Purpose Code-------------: P 1303

IFSC CODE-------: SBIN0000691S


ADDRESS: FCRA - Cell, 4th Floor,

State Bank Of India,

New Delhi -Main Branch,

11- Sansad Marg,

New Delhi - 110 001

You Can Always Donate Here 24/7

Consider a Donation Today (Click Here)!

Paypal Option

(Please mention Bethel Ministries/India in your memo)

Flood Relief

Gudalur - Rainforest field


Rev. Arvind & Mre. Molly

Donors outside India Kindly Donate Below


Mr. Udha Madesh


Mr. Ebenezer Kasi


All Indian citizens who live in India and live outside India, as NRIs, can directly send your donations to our domestic account using the following details:-

Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabilitation Centre

S/B. Account Number: 059901000044608

Indian Overseas Bank,

SIPCOT -Industrial Estate, complex Main Branch,

Hosur -Post, Krishnagiri - Dist,

Tamilnadu, India - 635 126

IFSC: IOBA0000599

SORT CODE: 635920405

Bank Swift: IOBAINBB599

A Trustworthy,Indian Compassion Ministry

1. Bethel is a registered, Society in the state of

Tamilnadu under Society Act.

2. Bethel's registration number is 41/92.

3. Date of Registration:11.03.1992

4. Tax-exemption : 12, Aa Act.

5. National NGO status: Registered with union

Home Ministry under F.C.R.A Act.

6. Bethel maintains relevant books,

such as Minuit books, account books and receipt


7. Accounts are audited annually by a Chartered

accountant and the accounts are sent to

various Government agencies.

8. Every Single Donation is issued with our official


You  Can Contact us using the details below

Bethel Campus, (Opp) Gonzaga Matriculation School, Elathagiri - Post, Krishnagiri - Dist, Tamilnadu, India - 635108

E-maiL; [email protected] , Mobile: +91- 9750371175