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                  Bethel Evangelistic And Rehabi‚ÄčRehabilitation Centre. 

A well balanced Christian Organization

Bethel, is basically a mission and ministry organization, based on the infallible word of God having fellowship with the "Ekklesia" of God on earth. We never duplicate or work against and church or God's servant. We aim to go to the unreached millions to share the Love of God and plant churches. 

It is not God's will that anyone should Perish

With our God, every individual is important and precious, because basically man was created in the very image of the living God. But most importantly God sent HIS WORD...who was a spirit being with no blood and take the form of a man ...with blood and flesh....because a spirit being does not have flesh and SHED HIS HOLY BLOOD, for the ransom and remission of the sins of the whole world. God did not marry to beget a son. Because God was to take up this impossible mission, with great humiliation and vicarious suffering, THE NAME JESUS, EMMANUEL AND CHRIST, with significant meaning was given to HIM and all these are of messianic significance.

Through LORD JESUS CHRIST, His beloved son, God made peace with mankind and reconciled the LOST WORLD, by defeating satan, sin and death and conquered everlasting victory. Therefore, forgiveness of sin, salvation, and eternal life is freely available to everyone who comes to God in deep repentance and confessing their sins. God gives eternal life to such seekers of God.

Our mandate is to take this good news to the communities around us and invite them to enter in to God's kingdom for free of Cost and be blessed with an abundant life. His 2nd coming is nearer every day but the task is so huge and so incomplete. 94% of our land is out there, and have not realized the Gospel Truth.

Help us and partner with us to fulfill the task realizing that the days are dark and evil.

For more details contact: [email protected]


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Mission & ministry profile

1. Outreach Ministry, open-air preaching

and literature distribution.

2. Free vernacular Bible Distribution for new


3. Prayer & deliverance Ministry.

4. Training of national Christian Workers.

5. Supporting national Christian workers.

6. children and youth summer camps.

7. Church Planting. 

Here is How you can involve 

1. Become a faithful prayer partner & supporter. Either you Go (or) Send us.

2. Adopt either a local church or a national

Christian worker.

3. Help us to build a local church building.

4. Buy for us vernacular Bibles for free


5. Provide us with ministry tools and